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Welcome Shabu-Shabu lovers!

Since opening in 1991, Shabu-Tatsu has served over ten thousand people. Thanks to your patronage, Shabu-Tatsu has become a mecca for shabu-shabu lovers and a staple restaurant in East Village.

[ What is Shabu-shabu? ]

Shabu-shabu is a type of Japanese hotpot. Similar to sukiyaki, thinly sliced quality meat and fresh vegetables are swished and cooked in a special broth bubbling on the burner in the middle of the table. Dip it into our homemade sauce and enjoy the comforting flavors of shabu-shabu!

Besides shabu-shabu, our customers savor Japanese style BBQ and sukiyaki as well as various seasonal hotpots and an assortment of appetizers.

Whether it’s an intimate date, a family gathering or post-work powwow, come to Shabu-Tatsu to experience the unique, “Do-It-Yourself” table cooking. We guarantee that you will have a memorable time!


216 East. 10th St. (Between 2nd and 1st Ave)
Phone: 212 477 2972 (Please call after 4:00pm)

Nearest Subway Stations:
1st Ave-14th St (L)
Astor Place (6)
8th St-Broadway (R, W)

Business Hour:
Noon -3:00pm (Saturadays & Sundays)
Sun -Thu 5:00pm -11:00pm
Fri & Sat 5:00pm -12:30am
Subway: 6 line (Aster Place Station) N, R (NYU 8th Street Station)

Due to the limited seats, we can only take reservation for group of 4 people or more.
We recommend you to make a reservation a few days in advance.

NOTE: We are sorry but we are not screening the message/mails from Yelp. So please do not send reservaton messages via Yelp. For reservation, please call Shabu-Tatsu after 4pm. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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